Earrings that make your ears pointy!

I have weekly blog posts planned pretty far ahead, but if something presently relevant occurs to me on or around the day of the post, I may post it in addition to the “main” post for that day.

This is one such entry.

Current events in my life: Two nights ago, I went to the local monthly autism meet (the same thing where I misinterpreted fireplace instructions a while back.) This time I brought my jewelry-making supplies, and by the end of the night I had invented Elf Earrings:

Wore them most of the day on Saturday, and can report that they aren’t as comfortable as the usual ear cuffs I wear, but a lot more comfortable than clip earrings.

As for the question of whether they permanently make your ears pointy if you wear them long enough, results are inconclusive and require further research.

(But once I fine-tune the design a bit more, I promise they will be up on my jewelry page!)

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