I am high on chocolate, so I have no idea if this post makes sense

So I recently saw this gif online:

And yeah– wow, it does make you think about how big the universe is.

But maybe it’s not quite as big as that gif makes you think. Why? Because the far-off galaxies that it shows might not all be different galaxies.

Space is curved. If you could look far enough in the distance, you’d see past the edge of the universe, and because of spatial curvature, your line of sight would continue at the other side of the universe, and you’d see things that are actually behind you.

Of course, you’d be seeing those things the way they were many millions of years ago. So if you notice three different galaxies and they all look different, maybe you’re just seeing the distance to the edge of the universe repeated three times, and they’re all the same galaxy from different years.

Hey, let’s take the idea to an extreme. Maybe our galaxy is the only one that even exists. Maybe the universe’s edge is right outside the Milky Way, and everything we see out there is just older versions of our own galaxy!

Screw it– maybe Earth is the only planet that exists. Maybe Jupiter is what the Earth looked like 43 minutes ago! Maybe the Sun is what the Earth looked like 8 minutes ago! Can you disprove me? Did you look at the Earth from outer space, eight minutes ago? Do you know what it looked like then?

In fact, I’m the only object that exists! The edge of the universe is a few inches outside my body! When I look at my husband, or a street light, or a sandwich, I’m just seeing how I looked a few nanoseconds ago! I’m ever-changing! It’s great!!

I think I’m on a sugar high. Shouldn’t have eaten those two handfuls of chocolate chips…

…my god, did I just eat my past self? How does that even work? Time paradox!!

Signing off now.

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