Grocery list lifehack

Here’s an idea I had for a grocery list that’s reusable and also reminds you what things you might want to put on it.

You just need:

sticky labels
two large strong magnets
strong tape, like Gorilla Tape
many small magnets
(or a magnetic craft sheet and scissors to cut it apart)
a thin marker or pen
a rectangular cookie or candy tin

Tape the strong magnets to the bottom and top of the tin.

Stick the small magnets inside the bottom of the tin. Cut small pieces of the sticky labels and stick them inside the top of the tin. Write down all the groceries you commonly buy.

When you’re ready to go shopping, put a magnet next to each item you plan to buy this time. If you’re not sure what you need, skim the list and let it remind you.

In between shopping trips, you can store it on your fridge:

And when you go shopping, just take it down, close the tin and take it with you:

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