If you are plotting getting me a present…

Amazon Wish List

Looking at my wish list, you might assume I was a lot more new-agey than I am. But no, I’m just artsy-craftsy. The crystals are because I like sparkly things and I want to wrap them in silver wire and make awesome shiny necklaces. The oils and extracts and stuff are because I’m playing with the idea of making my own lip balms, perfumes and soaps. (And, of course, the electronic gadgets are because I’m human and I’m a nerd.)

Also, I put “100” for the quantity I want of some things. That doesn’t mean I really won’t be satisfied until I have 100. It just means I won’t mind getting multiple copies of the thing, because it’s a craft supply and I may use it up.

And, no I’m not expecting that people will actually buy me all the stuff on this list. But I figured it’s worth a try, since some people do tend get me presents this time of year, and I’d rather have something from this list than some random gift from someone who had no idea what I wanted.

Amazon gift cards are good too.

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