A Fun Project: Do-it-yourself Tiny Books!

If you’re like me, you’d LOVE to have a dollhouse-sized bookshelf full of classic literature that you can only read through a magnifying glass.

I recognize that not everyone is like me. But if you ARE…

Well, now you can!

All you need:

– One of these tiny-font PDFs I made:

Alice in Wonderland

Dorian Gray


The Invisible Man

The Time Machine

Tom Sawyer

-A computer

-A printer that has high enough resolution for the words to be clear. Many home printers work for this. (If you’re unsure, test the printer by making a document with text in font size 2 and printing it, then seeing if you can read it with a magnifying glass.)


-Large (about 2″) binder clips

-Liquid glue (such as Elmer’s glue)

-A jar lid about 2 inches across and more than 1/4 inch deep

1. Print the PDF on the printer.

2. Cut a thin strip off each side of each page, so that the lines separating the pages go to the edge of the sheet.

3. Cut the pages apart on the lines, starting by cutting them into columns vertically, then cutting each column apart horizontally.

4. Make each column into a stack of pages, in order, with the top page of the column on top of the stack. (Don’t leave out the blank page at the beginning!)

5. When all pages are cut and stacked, pile all the pages together in order, into one big stack. Line them up and make sure they are very even. Clip the stack together with a binder clip on the RIGHT side of the pages (opposite from where the book will be bound together).

6. Pour a thin layer of glue into the jar lid. Dip the LEFT edges of the pages into the glue, and let them soak for several seconds. Be sure to soak the edges of all the pages in the stack, but not soak too close to the printed words.

7. Once the binding edge is soaked in glue, remove it from the jar lid and put another binder clip on that side, clenching the sticky page edges together. Let them dry.

Or (and I’ve found this works better) instead of adding a second binder clip, just flip the handles of the first binder clip up, to hold the sticky edges together, and stand the book up on the other end to dry.

8. When dry, remove the binder clips. The left edges of all the pages should be fused together now, forming a book binding.

9. Cut out the cover image on the last page. Wrap it around the book and use glue to adhere it to the front cover, spine and back cover. If it is too large, cut it to size.

10. Let the glue dry and enjoy! If desired, cover the binding with duct tape in whatever color you prefer.

These books make fun gifts, and are nice for dollhouses or other miniature displays.

Currently I have these PDFs available:

Alice in Wonderland

Dorian Gray


The Invisible Man

The Time Machine

Tom Sawyer

I can make others, if they’re available in the public domain in .txt form (Project Gutenberg is a good place to look). Send me your requests! Just make they’re not TOO long (if the text file is more than 500 KB, the book tends to turn out thicker than it is tall, which will look silly).

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