Yay in a Box: Apartments for Aliens



Just finished setting up the web page for our new alien-apartment gallery concept!


Yay in a Box used to be John’s site, but he’s gravitated toward other branding and I realized the name was perfect for the page I wanted to make.

It includes pictures of the rough-draft demo dioramas I’ve made, to give you an idea what the finished gallery might look like!

Excerpts from the “About the Aliens” page:

Kit and Sessaris are humanoids from the planet Becca. No one knows why their home world has so much variation in the number of limbs people are born with, but their society excels at accommodating all sorts of body configurations.
Sessaris has only one arm and one leg, and Kit has only arms. Both of them use an assortment of prosthetic limbs, which can be switched out as needed. Kit is a painter, and Sessaris is skilled with the prosthetic violin.
Their shared home consists of two cubes: a dry upstairs and an aquatic downstairs for swimming with fin prostheses.

Tree Mother’s real name can’t be pronounced, because she doesn’t communicate through sound. Her language is based on movements of the feather-like flaps on her chest. When introducing herself, she has her name translated into words of the same meaning in the other language.
Her translator and life companion is a Dian Cliff-bird named Singer, who knows her language and over seventy sound-based ones— thanks to a brilliant linguistic mind, individually controllable feathers, and a vocal tract that can mimic nearly any sound.
On Tree Mother’s world, people choose their own names, and hers reflects her passion for gardening. On her potted plants she grows fruit that she sells to chefs like those in the nearby Baking Cooperative.
She feels more need for privacy than most other beings in this sector, so her bed and bath are behind a door. She even has curtains, but she usually keeps them open for the plants.

These aliens are just an example. There’s no limit to what kinds of creatures the gallery might someday include! And if it does ever happen, we want all sorts of artists and writers to be part of it.

So please, go check it out!










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