More wire wrap classes!

Remember that wire-wrapping class I taught at the Goddess of Glass in November? It went really well! I’d never taught a class like that before, but it was really fun to see all the different styles that emerged around the table, from different people starting out with the same materials and instructions. Some people made wire trees, some made pendants, some made both, and all of them were unique in fascinating ways. You never know what your style of art is going to be until you pick up the tools of the trade.

Anyway, I had a great time, and I’d love to do it again! And luckily, Connie from The Goddess of Glass has offered me that opportunity! I’m teaching 2 classes this winter: (Sunday, January 28th, 12 to 3 pm) (Sunday, February 25th, 12 to 3 pm)

Both are at

The Goddess of Glass / The Warren
4400 Osseo Road
Minneapolis, MN 55412

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