My left middle finger is a non-conformist

Today I sketched a picture of my left-hand fingerprints.

Now, this is not an exact depiction of my prints. (I would not publicly share an exact depiction, because, while I don’t plan to commit any crimes, I also don’t trust the motives of every person who might see my public posts.) But I’d say it’s a fair approximation.

As you can see, most of my fingers have the world’s most common print pattern: the loop, an inverted U-shape of nesting curves alongside a triangular delta.

All my right-hand fingers have this pattern, and all but one of my left-hand fingers. They all have it symmetrically, too, with the delta toward the thumb and the loop away from the thumb. The thumbs have it as well. Very normal, with only the smallest irregularities in the concentric curves.

But my left middle finger?

Well… I suppose its pattern can be considered a loop too. Sort of. At least, that’s the closest known pattern to what that finger has.

It’s like it tried to grow a loop, but the loop kind of flattened, squashed, lost most of its layers, and fused with the delta into a vaguely tent-shaped mess. Fingerprints can be arches, loops or whorls, but this finger refuses to look like any of them.

I guess, in its own defiant way, it decided to give the whole concept of biological labels and categories a big middle finger.

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