A brief history of my life in relation to the Super Bowl

I learn that “bowl” is a reference to the shape of a football stadium, and the Super Bowl is not, in fact, a bowling tournament

Teens – young adulthood:
I cycle through many years of completely forgetting the time of the Super Bowl and being unpleasantly surprised every time it happens

Age 30-something:
my brain finally absorbs the information that the Super Bowl is in February every year

Age 36:
I react in shock to the discovery that the Super Bowl is NOT IN THE SAME PLACE every year.
“…wait, it’s called a Bowl because the stadium looks like a bowl, but it’s not even referring to an actual specific STADIUM?”

Age Nearly-37:
“…holy god, that means it could end up in MY city?”
(curls up in fetal position and prays I do not have to go downtown that day)

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