Took a few videos of Sirius the Starling.

Some pretty Sirius the Starling pictures


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He was looking very shiny.

Candy Sushi!

Another snack at my birthday party! Candy sushi, made from a Rice Krispie bar mixture, wrapped around Twizzlers and Swedish Fish, and covered in Fruit Roll-Ups.


candysushi IMG_20150607_083453082

Crystal Cake!

I made myself this cake for my birthday. It has four layers, poured one on top of the next and baked together: white, yellow, light chocolate and dark chocolate. (Since it’s rock-themed, I wanted it to look a bit like geological strata.)

After baking the cakes themselves, I coated the tops with melted chocolate chips, and set the crystals!

They are sugar crystals, created by dissolving tons of sugar in a bit of water on the stove

, adding food coloring, and letting it sit in bowls for a few days, until a crust of rock candy had formed over the surfaces of the bowls. (I had been hoping to make geodes, and I’d lined the bowls with lightly greased aluminum foil, but unfortunately nothing crystallized on the insides of them.)

Candle pics by Trini Tran, who attended my birthday party on the 6th. (I use votives and base 10 math for my birthday candles. 3 candles on one cake + 4 candles on the other cake = I am 34 years old.)


1cake 2cake 3cake sparklecake sparklecake sparklecake2

Optical Illusion Rays

Here are some rays in the Wild Reef exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium.

Fun fact about me: I had been to the Shedd Aquarium once before, as a small child. I have only the vaguest memories of it. But to this day,  I still have lots of weird surreal dreams, which often come with a sense of being somehow connected to the Shedd Aquarium.

One recurring dream is about going around in some kind of museum with lots of exhibits behind glass, each with something strange and otherworldly in it. Visiting the Shedd Aquarium last week definitely brought back that feeling.

Another dream I often have involves fish inexplicably swimming around in the air.

It can’t have been caused by this exhibit, which was installed pretty recently. But this is a freaky optical illusion.

The rays are swimming in a shallow pool in the center of a darkened room. The pool is lit from within. So there is virtually no reflection on the surface of the water, which makes the water effectively invisible.  It looks as if the rays are swimming around in the air, an inch above dry sand.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on. If you look at the right angle, you can faintly see some reflections that tell you the water is there.

But there is no plaque or anything to explain the illusion. So, I’m pretty sure some people go to the Shedd Aquarium and come home thinking it has LEVITATING LAND RAYS.


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More Shedd Aquarium

A few more weird water critters. Moray eels seen from the front look WEEEEIRD.


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Shedd Aquarium

Some bizarre fish. I especially like the guy that swims around with his giant mouth open under his paddle-shaped nose.


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University of Chicago church windows


Every little stained glass window was different. This place is insane.


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Church at University of Chicago



The university chapel, which looks more like cathedrals in Europe.


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Chicago Uni


University of Chicago, which John is seriously considering for grad school.

Fascinating mixture of extravagant antique and bizarre modern architecture.

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