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I have written several books. Check below to find out more about them individually.

Born on the Wrong Planet was published by Autism Asperger Publishing Company. It is now out of print and in the process of being republished.

The rest were self-published through services like Amazon Kindle Publishing and Lulu. My husband John, with his deep understanding of technology, was my co-author for Kea’s Flight. Common themes in my books include language, nature, and the experience of life as an outsider, struggling to fit into a group and to assert uniqueness and individuality at the same time.


I have also written a short story that was published in the second volume of the popular anthology Machine of Death. My story is titled FURNACE, and it is a tender tale of sex and archaeology in the distant future.



If the World Ended, Would I Notice?


If the World Ended, Would I Notice?


I have a collection of short stories, If the World Ended, Would I Notice?, which I have self-published though Lulu and Amazon. It’s a mixture of science fiction and fantasy and genre-bending weirdness. It is available as an ebook for the Kindle, an ebook for the Nook, a PDF, and a paperback version.



Kea’s Flight


Kea's Flight


John and I have co-authored a science fiction novel, Kea’s Flight, which we have self-published though Lulu and Amazon. It’s about a world where mental disorders can be diagnosed in utero, and unwanted embryos are removed alive and exiled to outer space. It is available as an ebook for the Kindle, an epub for the iPhone and iPad, and a paperback version or PDF download.



Born on the Wrong Planet


Born on the Wrong Planet         Born on the Wrong Planet


My first book is titled Born on the Wrong Planet. It was published by Tyborne Hill Publishers while I was in college, and it’s about my childhood with Asperger’s Syndrome and various other diagnoses.

I changed publishers and it was republished in 2008 by AAPC (Autism Asperger Publishing Company).

It is now out of print and in the process of reverting to me to be republished.

For more information about the book, go here.



Abby and Norma: “Everything Happens for a Reason (but nothing happens for a GOOD reason)”


Abby and Norma


I have a self-published collection of the best 500 strips of my comic Abby and Norma, which you can buy here or here. Abby is a college student on the autism spectrum, but the comic rarely focuses on autism. Characters include a good friend, a snobby cheerleader, a nagging mother, an uber-geek whose insane parents conceived him in the hope that his antisocial personality would save the world, and a Star Trek fan who speaks only in palindromes.

It is titled Everything Happens for a Reason (but nothing happens for a GOOD reason).



“Define a Dragon” and other Tiny Foldy Books


Tiny Foldy Books


“Define a Dragon” is one of three Tiny Foldy Books that I hand out for free at conventions and other events. It is a book about dragons, fairies, wizards, definitions, and finding magic in everyday life.
The other two Tiny Foldy Books are “Complicated Beauty” (the true tale of how and why I started making so many fancy sparkly things) and a tiny version of “Why the Muskie Has No Toes” (the gruesomely funny origin story of a Minnesota fish). All three are available for free download on this page.



Abby and Norma Minibooks


Abby and Norma Minibooks


I have published several small mini-collections of “Abby and Norma,” separated by topic. They are available on Amazon for about $5 each.



Low Blow 1/2: Spectral Analysis



I collaborated with local artist Aaron Poliwoda on “Low Blow 1/2: Spectral Analysis,” an exploration of the meaning of Asperger Syndrome. It is available through Createspace.



Autism Conversations



Aaron Poliwoda and I have also collaborated on a book-length comic featuring our dialogue about many different aspects of the autism spectrum.


The Toucan Necklace



One other collaborative project with Aaron Poliwoda: an illustrated story from my childhood.



Why the Muskie Has No Toes


Why the Muskie Has No Toes


Why the Muskie Has No Toes is a children’s book that tells the bizarre and gruesome story of a Minnesota muskie betrayed by its own toes. Illustrated with digitally-mosaicized collages of photos from my many travels outside the great state of Minnesota.

For more information, go here.

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