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Scream Dream

Another reposted old blog post, from December 02, 2006. Apparently I had a lot of weird dreams back then. This one happened around the time I was writing the story “The End,” which is now in my story collection If the World Ended, Would I Notice?


Superman fans, please do not take offense. I have never read a single Superman comic, and my knowledge of him is pretty much the stuff that everybody knows. My subconscious mind, though, seems to want to analyze his psyche, as evidenced in my dream last night. And it did a pretty bizarre job.

So, I had this dream where there was a character named “Screamer” in the Superman comic. She was supposed to be Superman’s girlfriend (in the dream Lois Lane didn’t seem to exist) and she was a superhero whose power was her ability to scream– but I got the impression that her screaming didn’t actually do anything to the bad guys, it just boosted Superman’s power so that he could kick their butts.

And no one ever saw Screamer. Superman talked about her a lot, but he was apparently the only person who ever interacted with her. When he needed her help, he would go someplace where no one could see him, and then people would hear a scream, and he’d come back and say that Screamer had done her job.

In the dream, it seemed that there was a common idea among Superman fans that Screamer wasn’t a separate person of her own, she was in Superman’s head. The idea was that Superman did the screaming himself, and just told everybody it came from his unseen girlfriend. But it wasn’t like she was an imaginary friend, and it wasn’t like she was an alien consciousness trapped inside his head with him… it wasn’t even a split personality thing, either. It was that Superman was in love with a part of his own mind… apparently the part of him that liked to scream, I guess.

And since the rest of the world would find that very odd, Superman personified this part of his mind as a girlfriend that nobody saw.

I do NOT know where this dream came from… except that I’m writing a short story in which a young lady experiences a sort of identity crisis, wondering who or what she truly is… and the Superman character is mentioned a couple of times in passing. And it’s also the time of the month when my brain produces the craziest dreams.

Maybe I should name that part of my mind “Dreamer.” And, like, lock him up somewhere.

Do Aspies Dream of Eclectic Sheep?

The first time I tried to get to sleep this way, I watched about three or four sheep complete their uneventful motion through my mind’s eye… and then the next one, at the apex of its jump, turned its head and grinned at me. It was wearing sunglasses, with garish multicolored frames.

That woke me right up.

The rest of this essay has been taken down for inclusion in my next memoir. Stay tuned for updates.

Personally, I just plan to get a huge sugar high.

Gardening update

John gave me a Twilight cup as a joke, and I put it to the most practical use I could think of.

Today there is a single tear running down Edward’s face. It probably splashed over from watering the beans, but I like to think he is weeping about the garlic growing in his head.

Vicious predator

The prehistoric Terror Bird rips flesh from the dinosaur it has just slaughtered. (Or, Siri the starling likes watermelons.)

More freaky coincidences, and the meaning of art

Either I’m the master of dumb luck, or my subconscious is a much more thoughtful artist than I am.

Maybe someday my subconscious will be revered as a great painter. Perhaps, years from now, the seemingly nonsensical system that decides which paintings are “great” will somehow latch onto my acrylic-on-canvas dabblings and the meanings that my subconscious inserted so insidiously into them.

The rest of this essay has been taken down for inclusion in my next memoir. Stay tuned for updates.

Jeopardy and mountain bears: Coincidences are everywhere!

In all the years since that happened, we’ve never figured out a connection that could explain why David and I thought of Alex Trebek at the same moment. Most likely, it’s because the whole thing was a freaky, weird, one-in-a-million coincidence.

And freaky, weird, one-in-a-million coincidences happen all the time. You have millions and millions of experiences every day, tiny ones, big ones, overlapping with each other, noticed and unnoticed. Statistically, one-in-a-million events should be occurring multiple times daily. In fact, if you think about it, everything that ever happens to you has a vanishingly tiny chance of happening exactly the way it happens. And yet it does.

The rest of this essay has been taken down for inclusion in my next memoir. Stay tuned for updates.

I am high on chocolate, so I have no idea if this post makes sense

So I recently saw this gif online:

And yeah– wow, it does make you think about how big the universe is.

But maybe it’s not quite as big as that gif makes you think. Why? Because the far-off galaxies that it shows might not all be different galaxies.

Space is curved. If you could look far enough in the distance, you’d see past the edge of the universe, and because of spatial curvature, your line of sight would continue at the other side of the universe, and you’d see things that are actually behind you.

Of course, you’d be seeing those things the way they were many millions of years ago. So if you notice three different galaxies and they all look different, maybe you’re just seeing the distance to the edge of the universe repeated three times, and they’re all the same galaxy from different years.

Hey, let’s take the idea to an extreme. Maybe our galaxy is the only one that even exists. Maybe the universe’s edge is right outside the Milky Way, and everything we see out there is just older versions of our own galaxy!

Screw it– maybe Earth is the only planet that exists. Maybe Jupiter is what the Earth looked like 43 minutes ago! Maybe the Sun is what the Earth looked like 8 minutes ago! Can you disprove me? Did you look at the Earth from outer space, eight minutes ago? Do you know what it looked like then?

In fact, I’m the only object that exists! The edge of the universe is a few inches outside my body! When I look at my husband, or a street light, or a sandwich, I’m just seeing how I looked a few nanoseconds ago! I’m ever-changing! It’s great!!

I think I’m on a sugar high. Shouldn’t have eaten those two handfuls of chocolate chips…

…my god, did I just eat my past self? How does that even work? Time paradox!!

Signing off now.

Cybermoths and phallic Daleks: My complex love of puns

What I mean is that I’m not an indiscriminate pun-lover. I am a pun connoisseur, a pun gourmet. I love puns passionately, but I have standards.

The rest of this essay has been taken down for inclusion in my next memoir. Stay tuned for updates.