Creepy Sheep

Sheep sound, mp3 file

And yes, the sound he makes is the same sound made by Treep the Tribble Sheep. They must be made by the same company.

Note: Wow, there must be a lot of dogs that loved this toy! I’ve now been contacted by three different people wondering where they can get it, because their dogs played with it so much it got worn out.

I got it at Target. The brand is “Boots and Barkley,” which is Target’s store brand for pet products. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they don’t seem to be making it anymore.

If you’re looking for this toy, check Target, and if they don’t have it back in stock yet, show them a picture and let them know you’d like them to stock it! I wish I could send you the one I had (I don’t have a dog, and I bought it just to take photos of it because it was funny-looking), but I already gave it to the first person who contacted me.

I hope Target starts selling it again! If there were a lot of people whose dogs loved it, maybe Target will get enough requests to get it back on their shelves.

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