Everything Happens for a Reason (but nothing happens for a GOOD reason)

Abby and Norma


I have a self-published collection of the best 500 strips of my comic Abby and Norma, which you can buy here. Abby is a college student on the autism spectrum, but the comic rarely focuses on autism. Characters include a good friend, a snobby cheerleader, a nagging mother, an uber-geek whose insane parents conceived him in the hope that his antisocial personality would save the world, and a Star Trek fan who speaks only in palindromes.

It is titled Everything Happens for a Reason (but nothing happens for a GOOD reason), which is a reference to this strip.
The interior of the book is black-and-white (it would cost way too much to print otherwise) but each strip takes up one page, unlike the older book where longer strips were split onto multiple pages. (For the longest strips, this means the text is very small, but still legible.)  The mouseover text and blog posts are included… sometimes shortened, but also sometimes improved.

There are plenty of extras like behind-the-scenes photos and screenshots, copying-and-pasting bloopers, the extra 2 story arcs fom the first book, a foreword by the author, and even some real drawings I did with real pencils, including a full-color cover, and six pages featuring detailed pencil art of the characters Abby, Norma, Hans, Ron and the costumes they wore for Halloween in 2009.

It is available as a PDF download for $4.89, a print book for $15 from Lulu, or a print book for $19 from Createspace.

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