Fanciful Jewelry

Heather: a plant that grows on a heath (like my namesake flower, Erica).

Smith: an artisan who shapes metal (like the ancestors who gave me the surname Hammerschmidt).



I find heather-flowers very beautiful. Delicate and refined, they are made up of many small pieces, coming together to form a complex and intricate whole.

My favorite jewelry is the same way.

I love jewelry that reminds people of fantasy movies, of fairy tales and Renaissance festivals. The jewelry I love is detailed and sparkling, and evokes thoughts of flowers and vines and new leaves. Let me share it with you.

If you want to attend one of my craft fairs, check the calendar! I have tables at lots of local events, and I always bring my jewelry.

—Erika Hammerschmidt



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This site was formerly known as Erika’s Enterprises: Creative Handmade Jewelry.



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