Erika Hammerschmidt: Author, Artist, Speaker

If I were a bird, I’d be a starling. Full of words and songs. Clever and curious to a fault. Lovingly social with birds of a feather. Not always popular with humans. Plumage made of outer space, a rainbow of nebulae and stars.


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Interplanetary Exchange Student
Explorations of life on Earth as an author with an alien mind. Thoughts on autism and the other diagnoses I live with, and on the stories I write about them.

Life on Earth
Personal stories and pictures from my alien outpost on Terra. Shared glimpses of my home and family, including the non-human Earthlings we adopt.

Third Planet Problems
My reactions to current events. My thoughts about the political and ethical questions of Earth.

Handmade in the Starling Nebula
Pictures and stories of the material creations that grow from my ever-active hands. Jeweled, wire-wrapped and sewn treasures. News of the craft events where I plan to appear. Tutorials, sometimes, on how to make things I make.

All blog posts
All of them in one place.



About Me

My first name is Erika. Not Erica. Not Ericka. My last name is Hammerschmidt, which has thirteen letters, including five consonants in a row. People still find it easier to spell than my first name.

My email is humanalien at gmail dot com.
(That’s “Human Alien,” not “Humana Lien” or “Hum Anal Ien.”)

In college I majored in German and Spanish. I also accidentally minored in art, just by taking so many art classes for the fun of it. I grow my own vegetables. I am obsessed with pet birds. I make jewelry that looks like a Renaissance Fair gone wild.

I’m an author, artist and speaker living in Minnesota. I work in a pharmacy as well as giving speeches on autism and writing books. I am married to a space alien named John Ricker, who, like me, is on the autism spectrum.

Some books I have published:
Born on the Wrong Planet
Kea’s Flight
If the World Ended, Would I Notice?

On my blogs you will find my latest news. Add me to your bookmarks! I’m always up to something.

Interplanetary Exchange Student

Life on Earth

Third Planet Problems

Handmade in the Starling Nebula

All Posts

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